With our special colouring techniques we will assure you we will create your desired look with our Wella, Inoa and L’oreal products. The hair-colouring market is enormous.

It’s estimated that almost 70% of women and 12% of men will colour their hair at some point in their life.

Colouring your hair can give you a psychological boost and a sense of being a new and younger person. It’s an easy way to change your personality or to discard part of an old life for a new one.

Colour can enhance and reinvigorate your style. We believe your colour should be unique for each person. It is essential to take into consideration skin tone, hair texture, lifestyle and desired result when creating colour. During a consultation we are able to discuss numerous options with you whether your after something subtle and chic, or bold and vibrant, as inspired by the latest fashion and trends.