Styling services will begin with a detailed consultation. Our stylists will advise you, helping to create your desired look. Followed by a relaxing shampoo and conditioning scalp massage used by our L’oreal products.

It’s about finding a haircut that compliments you rather than following the hair trends and keeping up to date with the hair fashions.

A men’s haircut can be more technically challenging because shorter hairstyles are less forgiving of haircutting and style errors. Our qualified hair stylists have many years of experience with working with men’s hair.

There is a very vast array of women’s hair cuts available from sexy short crops, dramatic crops and pixie cuts. Whatever cut and style you choose, short haircuts are designed to really accentuate features and face shapes.

A long hair trend is a classic and will always be here to stay. Whether it’s natural or through hair extensions there is always a great degree of fascination with long hair.