Eyelash Enhancement

When you look good “you feel good”, great lashes inspire the ‘feel good factor’!

Semi-permanent lashes which last up to two months. An individual synthetic eyelash is applied to each existing lash.Suitable for every occassion, they will make lashes look longer, thicker and extremely natural. Lashes come in all lengths, sizes and thicknesses. Any look from full on glamour to natural can be achieved.

There are many benefits for clients who have Lash FX Eyelash Extensions applied. They naturally darken the lashes making them fuller and more visible.

They are also very comfortable on the eyes and very light to wear. With regular maintenance every 2-3 weeks the extensions can last up to 12 weeks!

The Lash Extensions are waterproof, heat proof and chlorine proof which is ideal for a summer holiday!

The lashes are so lightweight you would never know they are not your own! 🙂

Please note there is two different hair types of lashes…. Synthetic & Faux Mink Lashes!

The main difference between synthetic and mink lashes is in the quality. Because of its mink like qualities, it provides a natural shine, is super lightweight and flexible, gives a feather like look and gives that full yet very natural effect. Faux Mink eyelashes are considered a premium high end products when compared with synthetic ones. No application time difference.

Available Synthetic, Faux Mink Lashes, Express Lashes plus NEW 3D/6D Volume Lashes!! 

Full Set- Most popular! Approx 90% of natural lashes covered, fuller, thicker, longer and darker lashes. Still very natural, but definitely that Wow factor 🙂    approx 1h30min

Half Set- Approx 50% of natural lashes covered! Great for those looking for a super natural look.     approx 1hour

Top-Up’s-    approx every 2-3 weeks. With lashes naturally falling out over this period, having top up’s mean you can keep them at their best always. We fill in/replace the lashes back to their fuller set. Approx 30/45mins. Price is according to the time taken to fill back in.

Express Lashes 30minutes £35.00- Don’t have the time, patience or a little sensitive to full lashes? Well Lash FX have created the quickest lashes yet, can be done with open eyes, each cluster holds approx 6-10 lashes on each lash giving you a full lash effect instantly! Can last approx 10days!

3D/6D Volume Lashes- Love the sound of the above but want them to last longer? Well again…something NEW! Very much like individual lashes, these lashes are very natural and lightweight yet giving you a more volume look! Perfect for those who dont have many natural lashes as this can give the appearance of a fuller set. Prices not yet in our current pricelist though will be in our new one coming soon!

Full Set- £95.00 90mins, Half Set- £70.00 60mins, Corner Lashes £50.00 30mins, Top-Ups (2/3weeks post)- from £40.00 45mins.

Please note: Top up’s are to be done between 2-4 weeks post your initial appointment- This keeps the lashes looking at their best and well maintained.  After 4 weeks full price will be charged as they will need a complete set.


” I would just like to say how wonderful those Lash-FX lashes have been!

They do everything for me that you said they would. As a middle aged women I really need to have my eyes ‘opened’ as they get lost even in a made-up face! I am always in a rush and often leave the chore of putting on Mascara until last and it just does not happen! Now, however, I put my tinted moisturiser on, brush the brow’s, touch of lip gloss and I am complete!

Lovely lashful eyes and I have had so many compliments and comments from my clients from ‘have you changed your mascara?’ to ‘yours eyes look so pretty today’. The process was painless, so painless that I do not remember a second of the application due to the fact that I was made to feel so comfortable I slept through the entire 80 minutes!

I woke up and I had eyes! No black smudges under the eyes for me after a long working day!

I will definitely be maintaining these! They make me feel so good and they look so natural!

Thank you Jessica.”

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