Can’t grow your own nails, but want them looking perfect? Nail Extensions are the perfect way to have the quick fix beautiful nails for any special occasions with them looking very natural. Nobody will know 🙂

Acrylics on their own are fantastic, though their is the option to have them applied with a normal nail polish (easily removed with polish remover) or the super long lasting gel system. These will just grow out with the acrylic nails and have the benefits of instantly drying, no smudge or fuss!

Please see price guide for more information!

  • Full Set of Acrylic Nails- 75mins
  • Full Set of Acrylic Nails Plus Gel Polish- 90mins
  • In-fill Acrylic Nails- 75mins
  • In-fill Acrylic plus Gel Polish- 1h30m
  • Price per Acrylic Nail- 15mins
  • Nail Repair Acrylic plus gel- 15mins
  • Removal of Acrylics plus Mini Manciure- 1hour
  • Removal of Acrylics plus Gel Manicure- 75mins

All timings are approximately, depending on each clients nails 🙂