Vitru Mens Skincare

These products have been specially formulated and researched by Monu skincare to be used easily and effectively for the male skin.

The Vitru range has been designed to fight the effects of fatigue, stress and irritation, environmental pollution and dehydration.

The VITRU range can also be used or incorporated in other facial ie. Galvaderm for deep cleansing or also the Resurface & Peel Facial.

There are twelve products in the Vitru range:

  • Fresh wash (cleansing face wash)
  • New skin scrub (face exfoliator)
  • Comfort shave ( Shaving Cream)
  • Fresh shave (Shaving Gel)
  • Skin salvage (Hydrating Face Cream)
  • Age combat  (Anti-ageing Face Cream)
  • Quick fix (Blemish Stick)
  • Vital eye gel (Revitalising Eye Cream)
  • Energy rub (Cooling Muscle Rub)
  • Virtue Facial oil (Post Shave Facial Oil)
  • Algae mask (Professional Only Face Mask-alternative face mask for home use can be MONU Hydrating Mask or Warming Lavender Mask for the more combination skin type)

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Retail products are available to buy in Salon.