Waxing is a method of hair removal that’s widely known to be the most effective among any others. It can be very well worth the effort despite the little discomfort it causes you. It is considered as a safe non-permanent process or removing (unwanted) hair.

The risk that goes along with shaving includes nicks, cuts, and razor burn which is why most women choose waxing over shaving. Hair removal creams and depilatories contain chemicals which can irritate your skin especially on sensitive areas. With that being said, waxing is definitely a safer choice.

Another major benefit is the length of time you save before the hair grows back. Say goodbye to daily routine of shaving. After waxing, it usually lasts up to three weeks before the hair grows back giving you long lasting smooth and silky skin. No stubborn stubble! Finer body hair, re-growth and 100% natural wax used assures you that it doesn’t have a negative effect on your skin.

Whether having your Eyebrows waxed or going all the way to a Brazilian Bikini Wax, the art of waxing is a perfect choice for a hair-free body appearance.

Here at Bonita Beauty, our waxing professionals that will bring you better, faster, and safer results. We take all the necessary precautions especially when waxing sensitive areas, choosing between Sensitive Warm Wax and Comfort Hot Wax. When done right, you can enjoy being hair free for the longest time which also means fewer salon visits.

Intimate Female Waxing- The difference between Brazilian, Playboy & Hollywood?

Brazilian- The landing strip, a tidier bikini line, removing hair from the sides, top and bottom area, leaving a 2.5cm hair strip from top to bottom.

Playboy- This is where a thin strip is left at the top and all hair is removed from the lower area of the bikini line including the bottom area.

Hollywood- All hair is removed from the bikini line and bottom.

Disposable paper underwear is provided for full modesty and client comfort with any bikini wax.  All intimate waxing is done with hot wax for best results and more comfort.

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Difference between Strip Warm Wax & Comfort Hot Wax?

Comfort Hot Wax- Hot wax is far less painful than most and pulls hairs directly from the roots. The benefits include fewer in-grown hairs, less breakage and therefore longer re-growth periods. This wax also promotes skin hydration and is highly recommended for sensitive areas. Ideal for Bikini line, underarms, facial waxing i.e. sides of face, lip and chin. Oil is used prior to the application of the wax, then once the wax is on the area it ‘shrink wraps’ around each individual hair. The wax solidifies and is then ready to remove.

Strip Wax is recommended for the thicker/less sensitive skin, legs, arms back, chest and shoulders. Heated at a warm temperature this easy glide wax is great for larger areas. The wax is applied then removed with a paper strip in a quick and effective way. At Bonita we use Lavender and Camomile Strip Wax for even the most sensitive skin.

 I have regularly had waxing done for many years and suffered pain and even burning and bruising but I cannot since believe the difference in the wax used at Bonita. It’s amazing, gentle and the most comfortable waxing I’ve ever had done and I highly recommend it to anyone…results are fantastic and a wonderful salon to visit! Thanks Jessica (Lucie.A)

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