Lets Get All The Preparation For The Big Day Sorted!!! <3 <3 <3 Below is a few points to really think about coming up to the big day! Your Wedding Day is sooooo special you really want to be feeling and looking your very best!! But of course this comes with some preparation and work...

6 months before….

  • Drink Water

You must have heard this before… 🙂 We all know that drinking water is the key to clear skin, but now’s the time to really follow through. It really is that important for your whole body, but for your skin it does wonders. To ensure your skin is glowing and your eyes sparkle on your big day, try to drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Quick, fill up your water bottle right now!

  • Find Perfect Skincare Regime

With six months to go before your wedding day, you have plenty of time to start a new beauty regime to clear up any skin problems and find the right products for you. It really doesn’t need to be complicated/difficult/super expensive! With a simple daily routine, you will see instant improvements. Remember your make up will sit so much nicer on healthy happy skin! Let us help you out with your main concerns and hangups.

The basics include cleansing (am + pm) application of a serum (am + pm- this is what treats your skins main concern i.e. pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, blemishes, sensitivity etc) followed by a day and night cream! Murad creams also have that wonderful SPF 30!! Which is a must have for daily use in Jersey! Yes even in the winter months we have such lovely days, but with a high UV Index you skin is exposed to damaging rays. As the protection is in your day cream, you shouldn’t even have to think about it 🙂 We have made it easy for you!

You can pop in for a chat with one of our girls and we will be able to help you 🙂

The other option is to come in for a facial… This is the ultimate pamper and relaxation you probably need with only 6 months left before your wedding day! This way we can completely tailor make your skincare and also give your skin the added help making it perfect for the day!

With lots of facials to choose from: Murad Method Facials are tailor made for you. Having treatment as well as relaxation this facials is at the top of the list.

Alternatively there is a Galvaderm Facial, RENU Lift Facial & Coming soon….. an all singing all dancing facial… Keep watching our Facebook/instagram to be the first to know 🙂 Follow the link to FACIALS to read which one would be best suited for your skin.

  • Introduce a skincare routine for your body

Remember that all eyes will be on you for the big day, so ensuring the flesh on display is silky smooth is essential. Invest in  a gentle body scrub and exfoliate from top-to-toe twice a week. We recommend MONU Body Buffer! It makes your skin feel baby bum soft!! 🙂

After your shower or bath, be meticulous about slathering body moisturiser all over – it may add extra minutes to your evening/morning routine, but it’ll be worth it in the long run. Our top FAVOURITES are: Murad Body Firming Cream, Murad Collagen Support Body Cream, MONU Enriched Body Cream, MONU Vanilla Body Oil (this is sooo lovely)!                     Which ever one you choose to use, just make sure its easy to apply and you love the smell of it! These little things all help 🙂

All products available to buy in salon!

  • Plan ahead

There is nothing bridezilla about booking well in advance for your beauty treatments prior to the wedding. Nobody wants to be caught out with no appointments available for facials, manicures,waxing etc. To ensure you get your preferred time and day, book your treatments for the week of your wedding now. Don’t forget its super easy with our ONLINE BOOKING…
Click on the link…………………….. to check out our availability for your dates 🙂

Eeeekkk How Exciting!

Three months to go:

  • Book a course of facials

If you aren’t a regular on the facial front, then book up a course leading up to your wedding day. Given enough time, facials will keep skin deeply cleansed so that breakouts are less likely nearer the time. Book in for a skincare consultation so that we can determine what course of facials would be best for you and your skin. With so many to choose from the our TOP 3 rated by our clients are: 1. MURAD Method Facial- tailor making your facial for you. This facial treats your skincare concerns plus all the lovely relaxing massage!! 2. Galvaderm Facial- Perfect for the Deep Cleansing, Clearing and Hydrating Facial. Squeaky clean in 1 hour. 3. RENU Lift Facial- No major skincare concerns but need lifting, hydration and pampering? Well this ones for you!

  • Perfect your make-up

Have your make-up rehearsal done. This is the perfect time to go through your ideas and thoughts. All that research you have been doing on whats the best make up look can be trialled on you 🙂

The bridal MUST HAVE! Airbrush Make Up-  designed by Oscar nominated make-up artist, Anni Buchannan, this make up was designed to mould the durability of film make-up with the practicality of everyday make-up atomised through an airbrush machine. How clever! Packed full of nourishing vitamins (A and E), this unique formula delivers a flawless finish ever time.

What to expect from Airbrush Make Up:

-Flawless finish

-Weightless airbrushed application

-Allows skin to breathe

-Long lasting, no touch-ups required


-Silicone based, packed full of vitamins

-Perfect colour match – every time

-Smooth and natural finish

-Complete coverage of a variety of skin conditions

-Hygienic application

-Perfect for sensitive skin

For the Natural Bride: We can absolutely give you a beautiful, natural bridal look that is soft and subtle. What you do have to know, is that natural makeup for everyday and natural makeup for photos are two different things. You will have to wear more makeup than you may expect/are used to on a daily basis, but remember… it has to show up in photographs. We always suggest that you take a few photos at home/ask your friends and family after your trial so you can see it objectively.

Lashes or No Lashes?: The first question to ask is, have you worn false lashes before? If not and you think you may want them, have your artist apply a pair at your trial so you have a chance to wear them around and see what they are like. Most of the time they may feel strange at first (for the first 5mins) but you get used to them. We promise! That being said, you need to feel comfortable in your own skin to feel confident, so if they bother you skip them.

If not, don’t worry there is an alternative… Individual Semi Permanent Lashes!! These are much more natural and will enhance your natural beauty. An extension will be attached to your natural eyelashes to create length, thickness and depth of colour. These are the ultimate no make up, make up look! Flawless without even trying. Please see details on these ‘Eyelash Extensions’ or if you have any questions get in touch. Our clients love them!! Go for a full set of lashes to get the perfect look! Get these booked a couple of days prior to the wedding day or alternatively if you would like a pre run have them done around 3 weeks prior to your day!

Pucker Up: Once you’ve decide on a lip color at your trial, purchase it for the day. Even with long-wear lipsticks, you will want it for touch ups just in case. For example, even long-wear lipsticks can wear away after hours so you want to make sure you look just as polished after dinner as during the ceremony. Provoc Make Up  do the best lipliners so you will just need ONE yes ONE item in your beauty bag and your luscious lips will be done.

On The Day: The “Just In Case Beauty Bag” Bag; Have a small bag that your maid of honor or personal attendant can be in charge of, keep your lipstick/gloss, a translucent powder, and possibly blotting papers should you need it (MURAD MATTEFFECT is Amazing! Top Seller!)

  • Eyebrows Frame Your Face

Getting gorgeous in time for your wedding is all about the detail. One point to remember is your eyebrows – if they are overplucked then best to leave them to grow and have them shaped. Depending on the shape this could take a few sessions to perfect. Make sure you allow some time for this. Book in an eyebrow shape around 2 to 3 months prior to your wedding day. Once the shape is perfected your eyebrows can be done a few day before the wedding.

One month to go:

  • Test your tan

If you are planning on having a spray tan done for a little colour in your white dress, then best to get a trial to check you are happy with the tan. The tanning experts at XEN-TAN suggest doing a trial run, ten to fourteen days before the wedding. Remember to fit in all your other treatments like leg waxing, manicures and pedicures, before booking in for a professional airbrush tan.

We could recommend a XEN-TAN Body Scrub prior to your Spray Tan to make sure your body is fully exfoliated giving you the best tan possible!

Click here for more details

We recommend having a tan two/three days before the wedding. With our Ultra Tan this develops in as little as 30minutes to 3 hours. This will be discussed at the time of the tan. Meaning you can have your tan anytime of the day which is convenient for you! Alternatively you can chose an evening appointment time – that way you have all evening for the tan to develop.

Simply wash off the guide colour when you’re ready (either before bed or during your morning shower) and you’ll have a natural looking tan glow and no trace of tide marks. For Pre and Post Tanning Advice please click here.

  • Keep your feet in good condition

Have a pedicure. This will sort out any foot issues you may be worried about ie. hard skin, untidy nails etc and get them looking tip-top condition in your wedding shoes. Gel Polish is a brilliant idea to make sure the polish lasts right up to your honeymoon! For homecare routine make sure you use a pumice stone or foot file on your feet regularly and apply foot cream every night before bed to guarantee your feet look perfect on the day. 80% of cracked heels are actually dry/dehydrated skin, so as important removing dead skin cells are we also need to replace that healthy new skin with lots of moisture to keep them soft! Look after your feet! We recommend Footlogix Mousse for best results and easy application.

  • The Perfect Manicure- Photos of your wedding ring <3

Your wedding day is the day your hands change forever – with your wedding ring. Not surprisingly you are going to want your hands looking as pristine as possible, especially for all those close-up photographs. It is important to start to prep the nails at least a month before the big day to ensure they are looking their best.
Moisturise your hands daily with a good quality hand cream as it is packed with vitamins and minerals to solve any problem dryness and ensure hands are silky smooth.

Also use a good cuticle oil to feed, moisturise and nourish the cuticle base and help promote strong healthy nails. (Trust me! This works! )

We recommend Orly Gel FX Cuticle Oil & Orly Rich Renewal Hand cream. There is 4 lovely scents to choose from!

If you suffer from weak nails use Nailtiques Nail Formula Strengthener for 2 weeks minimum. Have a chat with one of our therapists for more advice.  (one layer a day for 5/6 days then remove with nail varnish remover on the last day and reapply the following day) This treatment will strengthen and help nails grow long and healthy.

Gel Nails- These are really a must have for our brides to be! This gives you the flawless manicure whether you are choosing the French look or even a colour! The gels are long lasting (from 2 weeks plus…) and best of all are instantly dry once done so with all the hustle and bustle of getting ready for your big day your nails wont be a problem.  A couple of days before is sufficient time to have your nails done.

Don’t worry if you can’t seem to grow your own nails! Nail extensions are so natural looking you’d never even know. It’d be our little secret! These take a little longer to do than the gel manicure but with the same fantastic effect! So instantly dry once done AND long lasting! Just like they were your own!

  • Hair removal

For your wedding night and honeymoon, smooth limbs and a preened erm… “Lady Garden” are a must, so you can feel sexy in your wedding lingerie.

If you can handle a little pain, waxing will see you hair-free throughout your wedding preparation and your honeymoon! It is well worth it! Hot wax is super recommend by our clients and is best to use on those more sensitive areas (bikini & underarms) It pulls out even the shortest of hairs, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth and is virtually pain free!

Don’t forget your eyebrows & legs too!

  • Relaxing Massage/Reflexology/Hot Stones/Indian Head…etc!

A massage prior to your wedding will have your body. mind and…. skin glowing from top to toe – after all radiant skin is essential for all those wedding photos. With full body pampering and hydration this is a lovely treat to have a few days before!

Experts say:

“A massage prior to a wedding is perfect preparation. It helps to relax and de-stress, great for easing the nerves.”

“A massage will manipulate the skin and body, as well as activate circulation and lymph drain. Finally, a massage will give a glow back to the body so you will be looking fresh for the big day.”

Choose from:

  • Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (30 or 45minutes)
  • Full body massage (60minutes)
  • Full Body Face & Scalp (75mins)
  • Face & Body Combo- Back Massage, Mini Facial and Scalp Massage!!! (60mins)
  • Reflexology- (60mins)
  • Indian Head Massage (60mins)
  • Hot Stone Massage- choose from 30/45minute back massage, full body massage, or full body face and scalp.

This can help rest your body and spirits, and keep you calm at a stressful, but exciting time.

Now your work is all done!  You are now truly ready to get married!!

Much Love

Girls at Bonita x